Correction: Early activity in mechanically ventilated patients – a meta-analysis

Hanna Eikås Klem, Tuva Sofie Tveiten, Sigrid Beitland, Stine Malerød, Doris Tove Kristoffersen, Terese Dalsnes, Maria Beate Nupen-Stieng, Lillebeth Larun About the authors

Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association 2021; 141. doi: 10.4045/tidsskr.20.0351.

In this article, Figure 4 should read as follows:

Figure 4 Forest plot for the outcome measure duration of mechanical ventilation expressed as number of days. Comparison between early mobilisation and standard treatment. Studies with a moderate risk of bias are included (subgroups).

We apologise for the error, which has been corrected in the online version.

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