Conflicts of interests?

Prasanna de Silva
Interessekonflikt:  Ja
1. I am a member of the Critical Psychiatry Network
2. I am a Cochrane Collaborator (review of Zotepine)
3. I have provided a paid talk for Otsuka Pharmacuticls on a Systematic Review of Depot Anti Psychotic Mefdication in 2016 (once)

Dear Editor, I was interested as to the following having read your editorial.

1. What is your journal’s policy on advertisements from the pharmaceutical companies? Can you guarantee that this does not impact on your editorial policy and selection of papers?

2. Have you or your group of sub editors published a personal conflict of interest statement, including holding shares in pharmaceutical companies, being investigators of research projects pertinent to mental health and having advisory positions in the Norwegian government, Non-Governmental Organisations or Pharmaceutical companies?

3.Have you, or your group of sub editors provided paid talks to any organisation pertinent to mental health over the last 5 years?

Published: 06.04.2017
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