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Andrea Sylvia Winkler, Katharina Klohe, Veronika Schmidt, Ingeborg Haavardsson, Annette Abraham, Ulrich Fabien Prodjinotho, Bernard Ngowi, Chummy Sikasunge, Emilia Noormahomed, John Amuasi, Joyce Kaducu, Helena Ngowi, Bernadette Abele-Ridder, Wendy Elizabeth Harrison, Clarissa Prazeres da Costa
Neglected tropical diseases are a diverse group of diseases that predominantly but not exclusively affect people in tropical and subtropical climatic zones. The collaboration between the WHO, non-...
Bernadette N. Kumar, Harald Siem, Ingeborg Haavardsson, Andrea Sylvia Winkler
The number of migrants worldwide is at a record high level. An investment in migrant health is an investment in the future: migrants should be seen as a resource rather than a burden. The ‘Migration...
Katharina Klohe, Clarissa Prazeres da Costa, Nanna Lien, Gerd Holmboe-Ottesen, Michael Rychlik, Ingeborg Haavardsson, Gunhild Stordalen, Sudhvir Singh, Ingunn Engebretsen, Per Ole Iversen, Andrea Sylvia Winkler
Malnutrition represents a serious global burden with around 800 million people being undernourished and over 2 billion people being overweight or obese. The associated medical, developmental, social...