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    Eivind Andreas Warberg passed away on 25 July 2021 as the result of a drowning accident in the Faroe Islands. He was 45 years old. Eivind was born in Bergen in 1976 and grew up on the Faroe Islands. He graduated from the Medical Faculty, University of Copenhagen in 2005.

    He worked in the surgical department at Landssjúkrahusið in Tórshavn from 2006–08 and at Surgical Ward C, Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen in 2008, before moving to Norway to take up his post in the surgical department at Østfold Hospital later that year. He remained at Østfold Hospital whilst also working part time at Volvat. Eivind became a specialist in general surgery in 2015 and in gastroenterological surgery in 2016, and also worked at Ullevål University Hospital and Rikshospitalet University Hospital during his specialist training.

    Eivind was an excellent surgeon and a caring doctor, as well as a warm and helpful colleague and supervisor. He was a role model for a generation of younger surgeons at Østfold Hospital. Eivind's office door was always open, and he never hesitated to share his knowledge, experience and words of wisdom. He motivated his younger colleagues and encouraged them to excel.

    Eivind introduced the ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) protocol at the surgical department, which led to Østfold Hospital becoming Norway's sole ERAS Society appointed Centre of Excellence.

    He was a member of the project group LapcoNor, which has worked on the training and introduction of laparoscopic colorectal surgery in Norway. He was also on the board of the Norwegian Association for Gastroenterological Surgery. In addition, he wrote several academic articles and provided expert input in various international journals, including world-renowned publications such as the World Journal of Surgery and the Lancet Global Health and Obesity Surgery. He had planned to carry out a PhD study in metabolic surgery.

    Eivind was a frequent visitor to the Faroe Islands, both to see family and to work at Landssjúkrahusið to support the surgical community there.

    We will remember him as brave and fearless, and as someone who never failed to advocate for the patient. Eivind was an inclusive and popular colleague, as well as an important part of the social fabric of our department. He was always a positive influence on the working environment.

    Eivind's death leaves a huge void in our department and he will be sorely missed. He was a wonderful man, a good friend and an invaluable colleague that we are blessed to have known. Eivind is survived by his partner and two children, aged three years and three months respectively. Our deepest sympathy goes to Maibritt and the rest of the family.

    On behalf of all of Eivind's colleagues in the Department of Surgery, Østfold Hospital.

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